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Jepsen Injury Law PLLC is a top Twin Cities personal injury law firm. The law firm boasts several decades of achievement in aviation law, medical malpractice, and products liability. Stillwater attorney William Jepsen boasts a reputation for aggressive and effective legal advocacy.

Service Area

Located in the beautiful suburb of Stillwater, Jepsen Injury Law PLLC serves clients residing throughout the Twin Cities area and the entire state of Minnesota. Having received his Juris Doctor from the University of Minnesota Law School and served the great state of Minnesota since then, William Jepsen thoroughly understands the local legal system and the needs of his clients. He is highly respected by his professional peers and his service is regularly commended by his clients.

Practice Areas

Jepsen Injury Law PLLC handles a variety of personal injury cases. This focus on negligence ensures that Bill Jepsen is able to provide high-quality, personalized representation for every client. He assists those who have been injured in car accidents, aviation accidents, or due to the negligence of health care providers or manufacturers. These cases are sometimes resolved through settlement, but when trial by jury proves necessary, Bill Jepsen provides the patient guidance and zealous representation his clients require.

Approach: An Aggressive Stillwater Attorney

Passionate about his clients and determined to deliver favorable outcomes in court, Stillwater attorney Bill Jepsen is known for his aggressive representation style. He is at his best in the courtroom, where he fights for the best interests of his clients. His extensive trial background has been recognized by the American Board of Trial Advocates. To be voted into this exclusive board, lawyers must have been involved in at least twenty trials and approved of by at least seventy percent of the organization’s members.

Bill Jepsen’s assertive approach is clearly valued by the Minnesota Trial Lawyers Association, which honored him as the Member of the Year in 1987. Clients can take solace in knowing that, when they work with Jepsen Injury Law PLLC, their attorney will advocate strongly on their behalf, standing up for their best interests both in and out of court.

For exceptional legal service from a trusted Stillwater attorney, look to Jepsen Injury Law PLLC. Get in touch today to learn more about Bill Jepsen’s background, his emphasis on personal injury and negligence, and how he can help you secure the remuneration you deserve.

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