The other thing we do.

I am proud to be able to help people obtain compensation for injuries caused by the fault of others.

However, I am even more proud when my efforts on behalf of a client brings about the “other thing we do.”  That is when my efforts and the efforts of my fellow sister and brother trial attorneys brings about correction of things that have been done wrong and that create the risk of harm to others.

Recently I represented a family who’s wife and mother was killed in a head-on bike to bike collision.  She was on a bike path that went through a tunnel.  As you enter or exit the tunnel there was a sharp turn that eliminated each riders “stopping sight distance.”  This is a known safety standard that allows a rider to see far enough ahead to be able to see a hazard and avoid it.  During the design phase of constructing this bike trail it was decided to reduce the radius of the curve so as to take up less land.  This caused the trail to violate two design standards, (1) the minimum radius standard and  (2) the minimum stopping sight distance.  The engineers applied to the Department of Transportation for waiver of the “minimum  radius standard”, but not the “minimum stopping sight distance.”  The first standard relates to the ease of use of the trail by a rider.  The second is a fundamental safety standard.  A law suit was started and after proving the violation of this fundamental safety standard and that other similar collisions had occurred at this spot a nice settlement was reached for the family.

However, that is when ‘The other thing we do” happened.  The trail was re-constructed so that a straight section was added at the point where the riders exit the tunnel and riders now have adequate “stopping  sight distance” and the danger has been removed.

There are very many examples of this benefit that law suits bring about, yet insurance companies are constantly at the legislature trying to reduce the rights of citizens to bring law suits over these dangerous situations.

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